Setting Sail

Where to begin? This blog is going to be a story, a documentation of a young man’s travels beginning in Australia. The goal is nothing more than seeing the beautiful people and places of this small world, and to learn as much as possible along the way. My name is Mark Rademacher, and I am a wanderer, wonderer, and now it would seem an adventurer. Thankfully, the first stages of this journey will be with my father and wonderful stepmother on their beautiful boat Huck. I’ve been saving for this trip for the better part of a year, and preparing as best one can for something they have never done before. I’ve read textbooks and magazines, biographies and stories about the water and sailing. I’ve learned and forgotten at least 5 different kinds of knots and become more familiar with what actual piracy is than I maybe should have. I’ve sold all of my ski and skate equipment, and given away most everything else. I suppose I am as ready as I could ever be to find out just how small a part of this wide world I am. With any luck, the world won’t mind!

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